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on taking out the packing, an artery the size of a crow quill

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at least twice, a short interval elapsing between the succes-

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cholera or dysentery, all the more, indeed, as dysentery nowadays still

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has now resulted in the formation of a rival inslitution.which. t is

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gress," which should have assembled at Bogota in July, 1892,

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cidence, but it is at least suggestive. We understand that the

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Sotrrn-EASTERN Branch: East Sussex DisTHicT.—Ameetingof mem-

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going outside our province to discuss the ethical aspects of

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Council to direct inquiries to be made as to the standard of

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Mr. Alban Doran had frequently himself observed a con-

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Abortive Treatment of ,':'pf:cifir Febrile Disorders (H. K. Lewis> ;

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Lansdown, King's College; and L. W. Richards, St. Thomas's

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fluenza. In October, 1891, he complained of aching in the

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application. True in each department of science, it is con.

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again to 20 it during the week under notice. The rates in the several towns

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mew's Hospital: H. S. Libhy. St. Thomas's Hospital; F. S. Lloyd,

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being meu'ioned in. despatches, and receiving the China medal and

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any other cause, sucli as cejema of the brain (to which the

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Operation having been decided on, an incision is made

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the related processes of disease, befoire we can, with any pro-

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I would further remark that in filarife artificially deprived

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to be allowed to engage in general practice, and they would be

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He referred to a case in which there were no symptoms of

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ous discharge and admission of patients and the urgent visits .

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the character of the salts— acid, alkaline, or neutral— is not

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mended peptonised milk diet in delicate patients, and custard

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Delivered before the Medical Society of London, April 10th, 1S9J.

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suggest amendments in the conditions of service of the Army

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necessary, if army medical officers are expected to keep

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