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tion with induration, as in strains of tendons, where mod-

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about the feet in horses. Again, in low grades of inflamma-

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over the anterior surface of the chest until they meet. Next the flannel is

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characterized by pain, especially in children and where the only warning that

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our dut}" to call this fact to the attention of the examiners.

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pendent upon the albumin found in the urine, the only way to

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non- virulent cocci; but in the rabbit receiving the antiserum they engulf

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be followed by a drop of from two to three degrees or even to a subnormal

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wall has followed the prolonged application of an ice-bag.

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rare cases it may extend to 102° F. or more. Thomas has observed one case

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least marked in those to which the toxins penetrate in greatly diluted form

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has been observed in about 3 per cent, of the fatal cases at the South Depart-

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it causes far more deaths, more alarm, and more suffering than vaccination

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held at the office of the Mutual Life Insurance Co.,

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the ablest physicians and surgeons in this country and in

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Nervous System. — Aiiatomical changes are rare. There are varying

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Character of the Epidemics. — Councilman has attempted to characterize

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tion, it may be inferred that 2865 of those maimed soldiers

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typhoid fever. Many practitioners give a fever mixture, quinine or dilute

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open the lids. In others, especially young infants and children, no such

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acute attacks. Perhaps recurrent attacks of erysipelas, of acute articular

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repeatedly succeeded, in cases where plate cultures failed, in cultivating the

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the average case, but may run as high as 40,000. All forms are increased,

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has been found that there was an intermediate case and sometimes two, so

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