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Prix Vignette Suisse Automobile Club

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between the fairly healthy and diseased tissue ; and in that of the

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temperature, would diminish the vital powers ; nay, more, it might so

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"At the annual meeting in iS6g, there were on the list 4066 mem-

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Astonishing Success. — Dr. H. K. Root, of New York, is original in practice,

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On the 3rd June the condition was improved. The animal was

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success which has attended the labours of the physicists and chemists

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6 inches in length was then made immediately above and parallel to

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This law he beheved to have operated through all past ages. He would

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.24. Took the degree of M.D. of Edinburgh, and came to

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success which has attended the labours of the physicists and chemists

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by some authors, and seems estabhshed by several good recorded cases.

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tion more abundant. The patient showed greater depression, hung

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softened and yellowish. The strictest examination of the foot revealed

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the owner, a working man, thought pure-bred and of great value, was

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8.30 a.m.— Sheriff of Newcastle's Breakfast to the Associa-

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along the back and limbs from time to time by Mr. Laking.

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nor drinking-water passed by the wound. The lips were granulating

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The following gentlemen also on the same day passed their first

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February, 1897, and brought to the School for examination on the 20th.

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contemplates exceptional legislation in favour of other bodies, solely on

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M.D., F.R.S. {Lond. Med. Repository, vol. xx, p. 520.)

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and they were fatal ; but one recovered ; and I find a somewhat similar

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many will regard his criticism of Trousseau's ^^ laches ni'^ningitigucs" as

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zone offering nearly the same characters. A third showed a few days

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^"rat; of ar^monia ; and I believe that this ammon.o-chlonde of iron

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Abdominal Cavity : The great omentum was riddled with tubercles,

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intense, and on the fourteenth day the patient died. The microscopic

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nevertheless explain the symptoms shown. Histological examination,

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sides the dysphagia and loss of articulation, the bilateral muscles gene-

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A Burn : Death from Profuse Diarrhaa of Three Ilojtrs' Duration

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H. K. Root. The doctor has searched the vast world of medicine, and mastered

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the horse no longer walked lame. The wound healed by first intention.

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make, have been directed, not against the President, but agamst that

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There was no tenderness of the upper cervical vertebra; or of the

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slightly in the hand, and the other suffering from concussion, were ad-

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least by this complication. Some days later the animal died.

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exclusively to excessive work. Recent investigations have explained

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loss of time. No air, however, passed through the tube, and a female

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owing to a changed action wrought on the liver through the nerves

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about an hour. The animal did not object to the dressing, and did not

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