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acid in the blood, the uriccemia of Flint, also exists in leukaemia and

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the mitral valve. Such murmurs, functional or hsemic, occur in a variety

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murmur may or may not be accompanied by the first apex-sound. The

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all parts of the larynx may be simultaneously diseased. The superficial

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cius, agree in affirming that if the liquid from the small-pox vesicles be

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endocarditis or in a septic thrombophlebitis, especially when evidences of

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obstruction. Eventually hydrothorax and oedema of the lungs are likely

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it usually gives rise to multiple abscesses of the liver of pysemic nature.

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the Oesophagus also may occur. "When the diaphragm is perforated the

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murmurs heard in children are of probable congenital origin, whether

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the arteries were tied, as they were cut; the superficial and deep

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cause is generally seated in the lower half of the abdomen. These causes

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be of service here. If he had it in his power he would lie instead of

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when the cystitis is threatening life or is due to local obstruction.

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splanchnic nerves, produced temporary polyuria. Peyrani has caused

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be exacerbations and remissions at regular intervals.

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bloody expectoration, may be summed up as follows : first, the use of

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the tissues of the diseased part. The word tubercle, whence the term

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parent. If the gall-bladder is enlarged, its outlines may be appreciated

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coxce senilis. It is found exclusively in old people, and consists in fibrilla-

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mesentery. From the compression of the blood-vessels of the invaginated

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ence, wherein he announqed that the tendency of modem physiology

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agents. Some of them may act favorably by their local effect upon the

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pinching the skin causes dilatation of the pupil; third, the changes

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may extend to the pleurae or to the mediastinal tissues, and an acute

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noroxin effectiveness on chlamidia

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irritation by the free internal and external use of ice. Temporary relief is

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