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A case of copper-colic, with the stain on the gums as described by Dr. Corrigan,


When the medicine is administered as a tonic simply, it may be


water, while it also has a preservative effect, though in this respect

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jaotiag bcaicd Uood into tbc coronarj ancrict^ be concciTcd tbe idea of imitating

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who are exposed to all weathers, consists in a blanket gathered in at one end,

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of the rubefacient or epispastic, the primary action of which is limited

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phatic diathesis that the remedy is specially indicated.

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disease. Before commencing with it, the activity, both of the inflam-

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by the agitation equably and moderately. The blood and nervous power

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CBfttble of exicsidiiir m dirNt ftction beroad t^ oramJ $iir&ce of cob>

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dress their comrades from above and below. We see, there-

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The findings from the remaining 82 mice are presented in Figure 4,

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fibre, but it is digested much better when mixed with some of

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all we can out of life about us, but to see how much

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from this disease had gradually increased from about 15 per cent, to 2(i per

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that in opening the dead bodies a fetid gas or vapour was

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water to extract all the rirtues of the bark, while it agreeably qualifies

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ther they will remove the predisposition to the disease, an

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ciency of this measure in relieving the cerebral congestion. While

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deprived of the epidermis, it operates with almost m ranch certainty as

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rhagic, proetH'diu^ from other sources than the alimentary canal. Pro-

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quadrupeds, but do not contain, bulk for bulk, so much nu-

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having been substituted for it, which often do not contain a particle of

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are the cause of the prevalence of that disease in this country.

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that it is not by its accumulation that it is capable of fulfilling any ther^

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great advantage of being quite destitute of irritant or general stimulant

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But I have a special reason, in regard to Therapeutics,

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25. Miya, F., S. Marcus, and E. H. Perkins. 1961, Cellular factors in

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