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Tlie feet and legs should be free. Shoes and stockings should

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arm and introduce a quart of salt solution, and in a few hours

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lead to its abandonment in favor of the bovine lymph.

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high, since hospital cases receive better care during convalescence than

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levothroid comp 50 mcg

latter may be due to the influence of the poison secreted by the diplo-

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and it gradiially dawned on me that the knowledge that we want,

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other. These have three semicircular notches, fitting three galvanized

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" My only desire is to extend the benefits of the bath to the masses.

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suffering from live to six seminal emissions weekly, which exhausted him so that

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disease is ushered in by convulsions, this symptom occurring more often

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passing of the water through the posterior urethra; the return flow

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or even into the vena cava, when the condition becomes more serious,

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days after from exhaustion, but the boy is now a sturdy

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purging his patients during the after-treatment of capital

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patient receives a circular douche of one-half to one minute's duration

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in all, efficient study time produces effective diagnosis and

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another great advance and practical help in every-day prac-

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" Every ctforl should he made to iircvcnl this, and lo tlo s"

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peevishness, constipation). The invasion-period lacks the sudden onset

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what heart failure means; but before we bei>iii, •>() to the library

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didactic course on physiology, for his lack of arrangement

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strated that increased tissue metamorphosis, amounting to as much as

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and hotter trained nurses. 'I'lie suudl hospitals might object to

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compositions and physiological action. Here, again, comes

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after they have been exposed to the air. These have about

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one instance observed by myself the mesenteric glands first became

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successful in his experiments before the class. He was the

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children the lymphatics Avere affected in 92 per cent. ; and it is generally

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strong, probably thirty pounds. The temperature of the water was 60° ; the

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baths, syrup of hypophosphites, and creosote ; at times cod-liver oil. Under this

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STjmptoms often predominate. Salivation is frequent, and vomiting is

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Especially since our newer and nearer relations to the home

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used, watching the effect on the individual. Strawberries are

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some eases with more or less advantage, enabling a better grip on

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tion, at a proper elevation, and with the proper atmosphere,

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astringent remedies should be alternated as advocated in the acute

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Szvaar. — A greenish yellow. If you can buy Swaar you

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It is not the writer's purpose to burden these pages with clinical

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used. In diabetic coma it may save life in this almost hopeless

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