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cylate in 100 parts of boric acid ointment in the internal
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times a day. We do not wish to imply that carbolic acid lias
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more systematic writers. Most of the minor procedures
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cause they are spreaders of the disease even if quarantined in
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division are obtained chiefly from among the government in
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The patient was operated upon. The cyst was found to be
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sanatorium forthe treatment of tuberculosis in England was
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form are started and aggravated in their progress by the
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case in which the symptoms induced were almost similar
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active hemolysins in a given serum is likely to be attended
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ter Famine in Bucks. Herts and Essex in Relation to the
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with some beneficial results. When driven would lose control
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for temporary exhibition purposes. The Horse World de
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that this is the truth it must not be forgotten that not
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partment of Agriculture. He estimates the horses in the West
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unless the number is excessively high. Dr. Welch sug
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ments the author injected the horse with pilocarpin hydro
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tration and application regular and maximum dosage incompatibles
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serum injections that he gives them even before the
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Therefore the Hankin rat theory of plague is supported
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that there existed no relation between hemolysis and
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