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formed by incision of the false nostril. But after entrance into

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the tip of the thumb Vo inch above the pylorus. The mu

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Conducted Exclusively in the Interests of the Medical Profession.

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followed the many controversies which have taken place and

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rer is tested by the following criteria i has the inquirer hu

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factor. The contemporary publications of the various

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cake. Since coming to the United States she has always

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markable tendency to perforation in cases of typhoid fever

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the approbation of your conscience. By pursuing an entirely

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large flaps of skin and muscle. The right anterior leg held in

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ously interfere with primary union of the lacerated

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stimulate the metabolic changes in the healthy tis

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During the business session resolutions were read by

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Germans themselves have no experience with the disease. Fi

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Only 6 cases have been published hitherto. The first was

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Such albuminuria may either recover or will lead to


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roborates by certain cases in his experience which came

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ers and bovine tuberculosis are crude and indistinct to put it

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and adhesions. The heart with the pericardial sac was seen

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of their ptomaines upon the enamel or exposed dentine the

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imagination for them to see in the present disciples

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and these may pass on to gangrene. These effects vary

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noon of 31st cow went down complete paralysis of extremities.

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seemed unable to swallow and some of the medicine probably

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be very apt to result in the production of the severe

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the thickly populated section of the city especially from

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Iclligcnrcr started as a weekly in 1823. The Boston Medical

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Clinicians seem at last to be in a position to give

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the cough was most severe. His cough had grown better

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woman 40 years of age in whom the obstruction had ex

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commonly in the gall bladder infiltrating the walls

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entrance for scarlet fever infection or increase the dispo

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they infer that epilepsy Is a highly sensory motor reflex

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ment. Hut the first question is largely a matter of observation

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the one who practices medicine. He does not limit the specie

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congested and atrophied. Other organs normal. Weight of

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did slight work afterwards but worked without his usual energy.

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studied for literary excellence in the Universities. Herbert

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muscular activity. That leukocytes ingest particles

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volumes on North American fishes and also a writer with many

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following advantages. It is easily managed and when

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Wisconsin University there was created a department of horse

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dean of the department and he was appointed a delegate to the

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modern drugs on metabolism in gout Bain concludes 1

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One hundred and fifty one 151 articles heretofore oflScial

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great smallpox epidemic. Ten hundred and twenty four

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her right breast but little attention was given to it until

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demonstrate that Texas fever a cattle disease of malarial

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and points out that tubercle bacilli can only rarely be dem

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caused tuberculosis in a human being in spite of the fact

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ary 13 Pediatric Society Wednesday evening January 14

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In most cases this will be the return to one s usual work.

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pneumonic cases. The plague organism is long lived. It is

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varying amounts of exfoliated tissue. In appearance

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does not sufficiently dwell upon the possible gravity

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hair will grow again necessitating another course of treat

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numerously illustrated with cuts representing carcinoma in

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cates issued by them in accordance with the provisions of this

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