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cavities which contained but little blood. When emptied
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acquired a rudimentary and fragmentary knowledge of the or
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their number and the fact that the mother had but little room
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tricuspid valve besides in one case 2 of persistent ductus
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sociated in the preservation of the health of our domestic animals.
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monitory symptoms common to these attacks and find that
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of that limb quite sensitive along the spine. Diagnosis con
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the calomel had operated. In about a week another attack sim
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seen the trials of bovovaccine in Germany and if he does not
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Dr. Ward s paper on Radial Paralysis created quite a dis
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it is far more satisfactory than that given in some
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sisting upon copy being furnished properly edited by the authors
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dift erence of opinion as to what that organism is.
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have not commenced to abate at the end of 48 hours and
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dare to doubt and who stoutly believe in the scientifically incul
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assistant physicians to study the cattle plague there. He
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and he well says When dentistry in animals is more gener
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volume the names of the authors of the various abstracts

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