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more simple methods. In 1899 he began the study of the
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sional ethics but there is the more sinister aspect
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right or pyloric end of the stomach. Retractors were in
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been paid to the pathological and not enough to the clin
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This lasted one week then faded during the following
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to act in the matter of publishing a bulletin. The meeting
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tion was the collection of statistics regarding tuber
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maV e no award if the essays submitted are not considered
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acid applied to human skin and allowed to remain there pro
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limb as useless as ever. Deep puncture firing using thermo
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past winter at least six or eight months ago exact date cannot
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microscopical examination of the cord was very unsatis
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Fatty Degeneration. For this condition Whitla recom
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burial and even asserts that it occurs far more fre
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he passes upon carcasses condemned. 3. He has the right of
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immediate relief to the patient. It is often enough that
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in which the scientific spirit has its play and its being.
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chloric acid should be given. In hypochlorhydria he gives
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things happen to the most scientific men and to the most tried
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could not recall what he had had for lunch an hour pre
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indigestion and prescribed an anodyne. Dr. Parke saw her
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known. Enterokinase is a soluble ferment found in the
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Mass.. a branch of the Children s Hospital in Boston was
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Drs. McAnulty and Hoskins reported that a large number
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unusual to find a rapid decrease following a sudden
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shall not receive privileges while attending veterinary schools
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than controls in which no lard was used. The administration
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bery of an unsuspecting public deserve united condemnation
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cular family history 7 cases of intestinal strictures
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of the umbilical cord in pregnancy. He states that pro
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shall be a graduate of a recognized veterinary college or uni
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sediment not of large quantity pale and whitish in color
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pain on the ingestion of sapid salty or highly sea
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trocar scton free incision and finally the more successful and also
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know that it is a progressive disease and that it is frequently fatal.

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