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perforation was greatly distended and contained fluid feces.

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in 1902 the following officers were elected for 1903 Presi

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their isolation in sanatoria are the chief matters of import

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on previous death of certain numbers of animals and it requires

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the portal circulation the result of obliterative pericarditis.

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infection causing death quickly as tetanus hydrophobia

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These things are looked upon by such an officer as akin to a

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the latter studies he believes also that the animal organ

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the condition was due to an intracranial thrombosis.

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chloral is very genrally regarded as the basis of the medic

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as important in enabling an individual to escape the

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so domestic remedies and a few patent medicines the constitu

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fn m the Universities of Glasgow St. Andrew s. Montreal

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lies not so much in the diseases themselves as in the similarity

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constitutional disease are not as a rule bad subjects for

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modifies to the statement that they disappear only when

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grew deadly pale and vomited. With these symptoms he

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obtained from sheep from which the thyroid gland has been

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for 24 hours. If at the expiration of this period the symptoms

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stopped and reappeared with the termination of gas

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obliged to modify his ideas. I have just fallen again into one

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authorities have access to the rooms. 1 The destroving

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ci. This paper raised a great deal of discussion. More

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through the Doctor s thumb. It is not certain whether some of

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spores have very probably arrived in the locality recently

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ease. In his preface the author disclaims any pretension

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revealed respiratory and circulatory troubles. Her respiration

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