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over the internal canthus. It presented a reddish appearance

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tn the first place but little free antitoxin is secreted and

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as the sternum or elbows the buttocks entering the inlet of the

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News comes from El Reno Okla. of the summary destruc

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ported the work which the committee had done in securing the

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of contagious disease that arise within the institu

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pressure and hence the pain. In discussing the value of

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present. He considered the symptom hysterical marked

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ed not until they placed on the statute books a registration bill

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curable. Of 36 tuberculous patients leaving the sanatoria

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progressive veterinarians realize is necessary to the welfare of

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accessible and whenever adhesions to the neighboring

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manganate of potash solution one ounce to four gallons of wa

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bacillus has shown agglutination to 1 50 in 2 cases and

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gument Even if it could be positively shown that these or

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diagnosis of carcinoma of the larynx. Early diagnosis of

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thing by drainage but his mortality will be large without

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ginning the practice of medicine that you will never

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desired force. When the syringe is not in use the hose should

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lis. An epidemic of measles is also reported in Baltimore.

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about the third or fourth month. She is toxemic from the

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and reviewing the literature he concludes that though

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tire literature is cited. Photographs illustrate the article.

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rested the functions of this system. A large dose of

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not virulent. Other experiments were made on rabbits dogs

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