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the chin. The acromial ends of the clavicles were sepa

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placing the patient with the head low and the neck bent

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ment of cutaneous diseases due to vegetable or animal origin.

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burg and the immediate environs. As soon as this con

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cal profession that unrepaired injuries of the uterine

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dition to these smallpox was diagnosed erroneously 4 times

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professional services freely rendered to that society and the cause

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tory tract. 2 That if no tubercle bacilli are found one

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consensus of opinion is that Babes s rabic tubercle

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times to be renewed two or three times. One instance is men

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the dehorning of cattle not being transmitted to offspring.

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and being longer than the distance between its proximal

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pendages for the removal of tumors of the appendages

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not only ingest proteids but carbohvdrates likewise

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emphasized that if a foreign body is present the first thing

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little difficulties demands experience and imposes grave

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