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drug appears to exert only a slight bactericidal ac

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see the chronic phases of the disease to which I now

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Guaymas with physicians and modern disinfecting apparatus

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read his splendid paper on the Immunization of Cattle Against

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own officers and men would like. One gentleman perhaps an

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ing from an incompletely differentiated epithelium of em

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writes I have repeatedly removed both frontal lobes

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gradually pulled down on a level with the acetabulum. It

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physician or docs the term belong exclusively to the man that

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cate and prompt so that 4 hours after the intravenous

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was carried in a normal position. This horse has been in stud

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Messenger. Most of the above Messenger s descendants had a

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secretion is due to the same cause in both mother and

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sent for. On arrival I found the trochantor major of the femur

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Resection is not justifiable for we can never be sure that

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damage has been done to the ear as an organ of hearing by

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epithelial cells are destroyed the nucleus and protoplasm

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whole circulation in the amount of hemoglobin and in the

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was enlarged and tympanitic and feces were passed in

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again say he has within himself to do largely by convincing

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Coniptes Rendus de la oei t de Biologic July 10 1896.

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impulse under which a man acts be really irresisti

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ed to keep the reagent pipet in a vertical position

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the Committee who recommended the admission of all of the

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form of antityphoid serum into pregnant animals and ob

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influence is held to be that of the body upon the mind

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pendent on two factors the history of the case which in the

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sterilized by boiling for one half hour or still bet

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the cough was most severe. His cough had grown better

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Dr. Gohn Gentlemen you have wandered from the subject

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closely similar lesions were discovered in other af

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