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a position that their structural shortening will ensue. We
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Duval. The bacillus is feebly motile in recent cul
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lating in the blood and by injecting the same quantity of nor
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of the right saphenous opening. This was incised evacua
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which was enlivened by the interposition of several well rend
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dollar received and accounting for every one expended. The re
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Society Meetings Next Week. The following societies
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in the tropics. He believes that supporting this weight
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of study as are required at the present day with no
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Free Hospital for Poor Consumptives. The Pennsylvania
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use of a Dobell wash or spray night and morning. Any dis
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brought into the clinic with a bandaged or blistered
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port to the viscera from the parietes. he. after remov
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to speak render the animals more sensitive and thanks to this
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ance. He holds that sympathectomy is inferior to enuclea
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many small aneurysms of the pulmonary capillaries with
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Society in offering encouragement to men to engage in the same
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are embodied in the following statements If the hemor
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compared with the German edition. The divisions of the
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surgical procedures and surgical technique and hope that there
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The meeting was called to order and directed by the
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etc. Without any deformity the lack of cellular develop
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one heated to 52 and the other to 60 some of the serum
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The case herein described was apparently so unusual in many
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too much prying into the secrets of Nature was very generally
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