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great difficulty to obtain evidence that a quack is making a

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dering the alimentary canal aseptic and thereby having a salu

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brane obtained in the wash water in various conditions.

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State control and in regard to this particular point we beg

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sions. It is characterized by mild attacks of colicky

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abdominal wall by its bulk was quite noticeable though the

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value at that time. He did not believe however that the

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On April 30 1904 was called to attend a mare that had

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The following letter to the veterinary profession has been

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to lower the temperature and the man who drinks it before

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dusky from which cities clinical material could be brought by

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extremely thin arms and legs and large inflated ab

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scription. Therefore Goldan says this is best prevented

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an authority on the eruption of Mont Pelee. Future gen

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imagination for them to see in the present disciples

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clinical course. He reports a case in which he considers

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central nerve destruction or degeneration. The most fre

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The might of the arm of the Federal government is now being

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If tuberculosis of the vertebrfe can be cured by the X rays

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and certainly no committeeman ever went at an investigation

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glands he makes a glove by wetting a thin layer of cotton

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finally diagnosed and the patient was admitxed to the

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rectovesical pouch is not distended he doubts whether it

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