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ville N. J. the two last named gentlemen being delegates from
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in tetanus as against the 50 to 70 per cent recorded
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and mercuric chloride 1 5000 have all been used with
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other handbooks of its size and students and physicians
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complete course of four years in veterinary medicine will be ac
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but because of her critical condition the news has been with
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peribronchial glands a yellow caseous area one tenth of an inch
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The estimation of the loss of weight was only approximate.
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pointed professor of hygiene. Graz It is rumored that
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reality to desecrate its very essence and spirit. Not
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on want of muscular tone in the intestinal walls require
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purpura melena etc. Ordinary gelatine is not to be used
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I to I inch long caudal bursa of male deeply bilobed each
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stances of the infection of human beings with tuberculosis
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of appendicitis was made. He also reports the case of a
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be a man and second a good fellow. Too much emphasis can
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cases of all varieties and in all stages with the glycerite
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The reports claim cures in as short a space of time
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less than a week. In only 4 cases was it necessary to
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i8th 1905 as arranged by the Committee on Programme
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not cause sufficient relaxation of the muscles. Thi.s method
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by Halstead sutures without the intervention of any me
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tures and put them into a thoroughly sanitary condition.
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for four weeks after operation and on a special diet.
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Brady has opened a home for the superannuated fire horses of
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voted to toxicology but it is to be noted that no attention
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der government control. It has six large excellent
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quite severe and in all these cases quinine adminis
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cartilage. The disease is distinct from rickets. In the
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going through a long terminal illness. In this case

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