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the pulsation in the submaxillary artery being perceptible to
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tracted and rather hard. On slitting open the left auricle I found
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first treated for syphilis but the failure of the treatment
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thoracic duct was injured. Pneumoiuorax complicated all
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subject should be re studied for the dysentery bacilli iso
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cle bacilli in the sputum is 1 That the examination of
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micro organisms are capable of producing inflammation in
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several Philadelphians. Two committees have been ap
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areas excepting in one of the left peribronchial glands which
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inarians there the gradual confinement of surra into certain lo
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dare to doubt and who stoutly believe in the scientifically incul
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tion of noninfected vessels from ports quarantined against
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auricle about 15 to 20 cc. being employed and the de
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land clinic stood head and shoulders above any clinic ever held
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graved gold medal with the seal of the society on one side and
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of this part of the country is replete with the war
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in the course of 8 days. The physicians were in doubt
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antiseptic irrigations of all kinds have been recom
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anointed with fresh lard which has been mixed with some reli
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laity and the profession as such an innocent infec
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tenden from the nucleins and purin bases of the food the
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very little consideration and no intelligent treatment
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for those crowded out of others. I can assure you the Board
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tones of misery it accounts for by a gastroduodenal catarrh.
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firm upward pressure in the premammary region with the hand
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mitters of which. Dr. Lutand says usually escape pun
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and their interest will increase after a suitable application of some of
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nothing to do with the prophylaxis of this condition. 8
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for an S weeks cruise in the Mediterranean especially de

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