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increase in the number and hyperplasia of the hemolymph
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The Veterinary Encyclopoedia of Prof. Cadeac of which I
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there is conclusive evidence that a gi owth of the veins is
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idea becomes more apparent with the demonstration of so
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hedge and punctures from closely trimmed brushland are all
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If left without attention many of the mares will succumb from
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around which we occasionally throw our coil of rope to hold us
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stands and will always stand on its merits. Robust character
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is only recently that its application has become widespread and
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wanted they have come down to a certain type of horse where
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puddings in which milk enters into the composition
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senger train at Birmingham Ala. February 24 being in
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times fixed in classical directions and 2 if by doubling the
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to such a restricted and intense localization we can
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eral idea of the microscopical usjjects of the various lesions.
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Egypt. Scientific reports describe the sleeping sickness
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Dr. Muir spoke of a fracture as the result of casting.
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culosis and laparotomy is seldom of any avail. Tubercu
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and after nursing. The energy quotient increased from the
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frequent. Dr. Leffmann also reviewed the tests employed
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and a few remarks on the great importance of organization the
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There are. too a great number of cases of pneumonia at
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secured no testicle is detected on the right side that of the left
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the viscera the lungs were found most frequently affected
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to be harmful in suppurative processes. He concludes that
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in the persistence during nearly 3 years of a definite nidus

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