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form an arch over them. The duct of Wirsung springs from

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The diagnosis lay between cerebral or meningeal hem

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Barth the laceration was each time in the left ven

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taining opium in any form. In the cure of morphinism it

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of the tissues. His results and technique are described in

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scientious scrubbing. 6 The use of rubber gloves while

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publish the letter in case its object is to right a

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after operation. Experience is of great value to the sur

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axilla as far back as the posterior border of the scapula. Air

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to become professor of orthopedic surgery in the Medical

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profession. The great importance of careful inspection

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they should have a better preliminary education. His

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complete index of the subjects treated. A close examina

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discussed by Aronsohn and 23 cases are reported. In these

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in one case even a gastric fistula had to be made twice

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