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other parts of the brain. This is not the same thing
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Sharp confines his remarks largely to the treatment. He
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finite conclusions. Most of the cases in which sepsis was
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Dudley recalled cases in which intestines had been pulled
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was apparently due to some local inflammatory action
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the city s water has made the following estimate of the
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go. In this volume Animal Dentistry and Diseases of the
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in the posterior wall involving the bowel or rectovaginal
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face. An assistant gently draws the gallbladder upward
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dition and should be regarded as a precursor of rupture of the
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cause of disease but also to develop new methods of treat
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book he has produced. It is a valuable addition to obstetri
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enable him to ascertain the practical means of over
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doubted diphtheria is seen administer 2.000 units at once
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incision retract the upper edge so as to ligate as near the
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Union. He and his colleagues are generally spoken of by the
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liams. It would simply be preposterous for me to attempt to
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writer prescribed for a case of acute indigestion only to learn
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the fact that the patients do not go out in all sorts of
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wakes up to the realization of the fact that he has
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abnormality in specific gravity reaction or constituents.
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St. Louis Medical Society. At the last meeting held
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In recent cases he begins with several spoonfuls of the oil
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was found which involved the right subfrontal gyrus.
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by this artificial support that they straightway de
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sublumhar prepectoral bronchial and small glands lying under
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and therefore it is advisable to renew the solution
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of the Alabama State Medical Association Jefferson County
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that come within the limited age of from three weeks to three
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whether this advice is wholesome or not and whether he is
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They occupy the same relative position to the urethral
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case in which the symptoms induced were almost similar
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conspicuous quality in all of them is a happy combination
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disease will show. For instance indirect references
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venesection is valuable in treating conditions of the ano
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tute. Paris yet is expected to surpass all present scientific
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doing away with any wire pulling and electioneering. It is ar
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nor in me perhaps. Prescribed pot. iodide in two drachm doses
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his cases the occurrence of pain in the region of the kid
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disturbances of sexual intercourse or the perils of parturi
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these observers kept their specimens in loosely cov
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matter of routine gradually perfected in itself and carried
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toxin is the best treatment. If abscesses occur they
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Read before 8th Annual Meeting of the Minnesota State Veterinary Medical Association
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masses of feces in the colon. The patient recovered
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Sir Hercules Bird Catcher and Glencoe backed up by Wander
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dently with the diphtheria. It also appears to him that
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the surgical treatment of gastroptosis to present a
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structure and must have struggled considerably to produce such
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Scarlet Fever at Wenonah N. J. On account of the out
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into a hospital Brookline has a little shanty to use for
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the circulation during the premonitory phase of the
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standing this his mortality was only slightly above
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irremediable when the indication pain is no longer there to
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that he had operated on a few days before performing resection
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or some other serious lesion in all but 2. Consequently
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tions and singing. The disorders of bodily movement
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indicated during the first half especially if dangerous
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not in the expulsion or the dissolving of the calculi.
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eases with the single exception of smallpox. The total
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pass the test the certificate will have additional value and an
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present year before the Neurological Society of London.
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of angina pectoris to be pseudanginas of gastric origin.
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and most highly upon the success which has crowned his
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condition of dementia. There being no history of alco
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become apparent to me that the drawing produced by It
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cline in the birth rate of Ontario as compared with the
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limbs and oedema of under part of abdomen. This paper
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in pure culture. The abundance of the organism precluded
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diagnosis treatment and the statistics of the disease in the
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runaway. Imagine my surprise on my arrival at the farm to
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the patella were not sutured excepting for immobilization

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