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say, because he had never given such doses to persons in health.
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plied from other sources than the patient herself, from
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uterus well up toward the outlet, and it seemed to involve
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years, and diplomas will be given to those who successfully
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craniotomy problem out for ourselves. It is fortunate that,
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contributed to the funds of the Hospital Saturday and Sunday
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fifty-one recovered. Out of nine cases in which the abdomen
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per mpera. Taking this view of the matter, apparently, the
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ment of Agriculture, as a result of which action a memorial is
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bling in ai)pearance diphtheritic membrane, he decided to with-
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lent breaking down of the anterior cerebral lobes ; the other,
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may have been overdrawn of late, but certainly there is ground
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children and young adults ; the prognosis is good, and in a week, more
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some delicate power of titillation — that confers upon its devo-
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The operation was performed by making a horizontal incision
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to the general profession. Although their introduction dated
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the incubative stage. The fact that this was possible was enough
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under observation May 22, 1883. The patient had been healthy
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produced a sanguinolent discharge from the wound surface fif-
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areolar interspaces, produces some of our most formidable
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Tuesday, Fehruary 5th : Medical Society of the State of
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bitis, cellulitis, peritonitis, or lymphangitis, the essence of
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lieved that more prompt observance of the ordinance will be the
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tion : " Is drainage of deep subfascial wounds possible with-
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sugar to the half-litre of the mixture, the strength of this to be
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venesection, but, after his return to consciousness, developed
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