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doubt that this Association is one of the most distinguished

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stoppers will close keeping the remaining serum intact

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a certain length and we may feel its superior b and its inferior

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clusively German. It appears that a short time ago the

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so as to produce a solution which would have an in

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carefully studied the bactei iology of the normal conjunctiva

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course from those observed in Europe. This was true of

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gotten so that when foot and mouth disease broke out in New

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remodeled and cleansed the repairs costing from 300 to

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Society Meetings Next Week. The following societies

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tube one that an experience of eight years had proven to me

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concerning persistent pain and tenderness in the right thigh.

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the front ribs into the thorax so as to reach near the heart.

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branch of veterinary science no matter in what field of com

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months fed upon Scekely s milk mixture the preparation

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tained by Professor von Hertf was that the gelatine had

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patient suffering from hemorrhages. He also presented the

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ing the wound. His technique is fully described. He does

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it stains so indelibh everything it comes in contact

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inal cavity full of dark fluid and caked food thoracic cavity

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broth scraped meat roast beef roast mutton and mutton

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tunity is given for the formation of gall stones just

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conferred by any recognized veterinary college or university

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eludes that there seems to be good ground for the opinion

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puration are noted operation should no longer be deferred.

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gases. He had excellent opportunity however to form this

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be and it is only too likely that some injustice may

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were first torn down in the search for dead rats and were

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operation describing the procedure and calling attention to

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first person to be taken ill was taken ill December 17 and

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upon it and a second piece of plain paper upon that

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