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MiHartuberculose," 1877. For further references, see " Wieuer med.

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those enjoying the luxuries of their own happy homes. AVe

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throat sjTiiptoms. Upon examination, both tonsils and the

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under normal conditions, the brain is improved by it. Mental

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which hold them firmly in their position and afford them a

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tuberculosis testis, and that there was no doubt as to the pro-

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be explained by the idea of the fibrinous masses of which the

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mot, but not in oil of cloves, as the latter dissolves the celloidin,

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that institution to be consistent with the principles of the gov-

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all tractile hip-splints have been constructed so as to exert

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the diseases of infants and children. When we consider how

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situation, was shown to be right in principle by the dissection

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fects of body, physical injuries, surgical operations, mental agen-

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tions. Writers on veterinary subjecls, however, make frequent

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right of the lecturer has been affirmed, but in many of these

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where stone is quite common, the eastern counties of Nor-

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tary precautions are so strong, and the theoretical argument

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tibia, also for acute inflammations of the knee joint with

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that weight of blood would require : bichloride of mercury

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de-sac, of the peritoneal cavity. Before the New York

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lu-rve; 11, t>, ft, 9, donlalcil Us«iii>'iit; 10, ll>, 10, 10, /xK^friitr nxttt nf Iht

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to be present in nearly every forceps case — namely, a small,

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surface, the cephalic end was lower than that of the oppos-

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Shoulder Joint. — Dr. L. A. Stimsou presented a man, thirty-

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pretty well established that we were not to look for cyanosis in

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able to swallow solid food, and a bougie having a diameter

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five tenths per cent, of the cases, according to Dr. Birdsall's

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