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glandular enlargement with marked cellular infiltra

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that it is properly certified by the joint agent. The joint agent

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tail. Is he suffering with rabies is the question. An examination

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tion for nerve cells. This they called neurotoxin. Another

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recent literature of pediatrics and orthopedics. It is to

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tampon. Finally a few tufts of plain gauze or iodoform

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struction of pathological tissue without the injury

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it was definitely decided to erect a hospital on the Green

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could not be found. In the evening however she was brought

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soon as its presence could be detected and injecting boiling tar

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land in charge of Shelby Medical College Hospital The

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ing vaccination. He first considers tetanus in general and

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drained by fixing a tube into it with a purse string suture

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appeared in the angle of the lower jaw which changed in

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War on Rats in Manila. The recent epidemic of plague

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power of absorbing glucose. In fact Langstein believes

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most amena.ble to treatment are the papillomata. They

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out as isolated performances but are merely the ulti

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ments with the actual cautery taking care not to penetrate too

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as stated with the patient growing gradually weaker until

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is only recently that its application has become widespread and

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bacterial origin the bacillus icteroides probably being the

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second to the third week when the eyes of tlie con

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persists in that belief. The effect will be the same what

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Dr. Zentmayer who made several careful examinations of

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experiments which were related had for object to find out if ex

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who had movements in the lower limbs when lying down

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died suddenly at Thomasville Ga. February 28 aged 71

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infra orbital foramen the temperature was 38.8 the pulse

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For these experiments we have been supplied by the State

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that alkaline normal salt solutions possess great hemolytic

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the domestic animals of New Jersey is I have no means of

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per s glands. The literature is fully quoted. The tumor Is

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dian line immediately above the sternum the other more on the

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contended that after drowning the freezing point in the

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dweller in the low hot plains going to the hills is

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unknown origin characterized by a progressive enlargement

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tered by hypodermic injection. In the course of ten

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and a true sympathy with scientific thought though both lacked

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pletely killed off. no matter how prolonged the freezing.

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fever. The patient died but an autopsy was not performed.

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The late Professor Henry Drummond of Glasgow University

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veterinary surgeon for killing a man s horse. Lord Morris

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rection only rarely best. The treatment of several cases

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tion in this country who are not properly speaking

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hydrochloridum cocainae hydrochloras to cocainae hydrochlori

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other of the diseased vertebrae. The hump was reduced in

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perceptible. When I saw him. ten minutes later he was

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detailed information. They are free. Write the Zexxer Disinfectant

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for 10 minutes 3 times a week will give good results.

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minating tuberculosis. Prevention will be the ulti

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upon the subject. The Health Department of Montreal has

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In the illustration the displacement is comparatively mild

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also refers to the fact that Moro has demonstrated that

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should be infused into the services of the Association. The

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foreign bodies the most interesting of which was the pa

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which it has been proved that bacteria are normally

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at fault and in which treatment by the Eustachian catheter

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life is made endurable by removal of the organ. But

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Veterinary Medical Association as reported in a recent number

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