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breadth, of triangular shape, and having a cutting edge

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hospitals as the Charite has been remarkable since the adop-

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a, exudation circumscribed ; 6, phlegmonous, diffused,

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was found to be in excellent position. There was some slight

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alone in his denial of such lesion, asserting that a " true

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fi spiculum of bone had come out since her return. He wrote

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distension of the abdomen ; and, finally, stercoraceous vomiting

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not competent to give evidence, and should allow no con-

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are altogether clear respecting the position and relations

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York Society of German Physicians (private) ; New York Clini-

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an immense number of hemostatic forceps. Ovarian cysts

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her much more comfortable than I anticipated. The pulse was

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AbbrcviatLons. — Cs. f., commissura fornicis ; hmspr.. hemlseptum (lateral half

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quently met with, and the incisions themselves were not so

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possibility of a recurrence of this otherwise non-malignant dis-

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gard to cows' milk, chemists all arrive at nearly uniform con-

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jections of morphine. The two nights following the 19th were

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supposed to be in the neighborhood of or at the pylorus. These

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so take it for granted that they constitute all that is of worth

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man's anodyne, ether, etc. An attack may, however, be cut

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same joint. In his case considerable manipulation of the joint

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can not be confirmed. Three cases in my own practice

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of the society sent the circular. He reported four cases, in three

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peral patient leads to the conviction that there is in the

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large tumor in the right side, over which there was dullness on

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noticed at the microscopical examination. The left kidney was

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ent conditions, had not proved of any practical importance when

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The depression was caused by the evacuation of several table-

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elected some institutions to take a vigorous and exceptional

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