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examination of the blood and the inoculation experiments re
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of Meat and Milk Inspection in Montana in which there will
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was a moderate degree of tympany present which it was
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specific or even a generic determination. Ova of the tri
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On one off shoulder and side were very sore would pull in a
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the bones in 43 per cent. the liver in 23 per cent. the
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plete in about three weeks. The pus which was running from
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accomplishments he will receive polite indications to find his
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ward. It requires some time to gain control of these
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In Early Stages of Hepatic Cirrhosis. Da Costa gives
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baclofen (lioresal) a muscle relaxant
in conditions of this kind and reports 2 cases cured by
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Shiebeyama having observed that immune hemolysin was
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with the intensity of the reaction and also that the re
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of one case each at Embocada Villa Union and Faro the
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uted an addenda embracing surra tsetse fly disease
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Australis and other varieties are found on other domestic ani
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