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the raucous membrane of the cheek and through the mu

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days became less frequent. In two weeks the attacks

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raised often normal and occasionally subnormal. The rec

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by ligature of the whole thickness of the stomach and re

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Other special lines could be taken up and it would be found

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per cent against a mortality of 90 per cent without bile inocu

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of this Association. It is only hoped that something may be

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man who had for years suffered from palpitation of the

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and December 1902 21 334 people were inoculated against

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other. In both the incubation period was long in the first case

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of the splenic vein and zvhich continues in the blood

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known poison developed in uricemic subjects. The syn

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Prof. Robt. Ostertag Berlin Germany Meat and Milk In

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profession. Curiously enough some weeks later they mad

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temperature of the waters at the springs varies de

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