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There is a very offensive and characteristic odor that is a
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is nothing more than laboratory work and that the surgeon
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coma clonus of the fingers and subnormal temperature.
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served its turn and been discarded. Its serious disad
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Thus inflammation followed by necrosis resulted from the
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or less similar in character and the great question
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begun yet this influence is only temporary. It is only re
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Sanatoria for Tuberculosis Patients. A bill providing
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The outcome of their efforts was the establishment of the
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statement that it had been given a prescription for whoop
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imal was tubercular before it was vaccinated. Of course this
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of the disease with this serum is begun early immediate
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with the cautery gave issue to an abundant collection of pus.
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after our voyage to Assouan and remain here until the
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rivaled attractions for the tourist and the traveler
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uninfected horses do not react. There were failures both ways
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Mixture in Hepatic Cirrhosis. Whitia recommends the
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must look after these sick people so that they may cease
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to perish. The opinion is expressed that in many cases
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wedge shaped opening. The limb is retained in this posi
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discriminately practised. Spontaneous cure does not oc
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and the possibility of careless handling of the fin
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custom in France the medicolegal aspects of the case have
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as tight as possible and the precaution having been taken
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said to have had worms for which he was treated. Bromide of
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the total number of cases of cholera reported up to Decem
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ilence now prevailing at his home in Louisiana and from a med
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body and extends with some increase a few degrees above

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