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guaranteed by the character and influence of those who are

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remain long in it exclusively, but must pass out into the cellular

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made at the first discussion upon the glass tube, mentioned by

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it appears to be primarily in the psychical or psycho-motor

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ago; the pupil is black, and nearly round; minute opacity of

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to the presence or absence of syphilis. The number in which

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nosis is, moreover, attributable to the mental arrest which is

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edge of where he is and unable to find his own bed ; pas-ing his

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blood corpuscles) for the tissues, lubricate tissues, and relieve

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In September, 1868, he returned to New York and took an

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for the right and 24 ounces for the left lung. In the female the

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press our decided conviction that it is not to be commended.

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Answer of the Supervising Surgeon-General to the National

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them in putting periodical stops to their over-work and ex-

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of the cerehro-spinal axis, two succumbed to the disease ; three

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& Co., 1884. Pp. viii-306. [Wood's "Library of Standard

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ment service, which is distinct in all respects from the lying-

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