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■with a variable number of steel bulbs, each bulb being fur-

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The consistence of the cord is liable to variations. Im-

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through its trustees or directors and faculty, a proper opportunity to be

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each time. The relief afforded by this second injection was

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RnEUMATio Inflammation of the Capsule of Tenos. —

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vaginal fistula. He wrote at once for the other two patients

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In the early months of 1873 puerperal fever prevailed

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paper patterns which hatters made in fitting hats. These pat-

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plegia, lay silent and somnolent for a month, and yet finally re-

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cal had nothing arisen to attract special attention to it.

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7t7i. — The eye felt more comfortable after leeching and use

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not only show the relative positions of the body and limbs at

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not one physician in a hundred knows the use of alcohol as

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absence of any signs pointing to a cenlral cause, exsection of

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therefore, one eighth of a litre of sweet cream (which, accord-

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hours. The patient recovered. He would like to ask if Dr.

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On looking into her throat, the upper portion, including the

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little disease of any kind. In some cases of inflammation

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illustration of the second stage of lobar pneumonia. Fig. HO

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is toward a decline in the development of the bony and

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the fact that no corrugation of the surface was seen when it was

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or surgeon as said faculty may recpiire. If his diploma and

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epochs and many climes, and the verbal definitions that

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cations in labor which in the past have been mysterious, but

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to us by Kocher, of Bern, but which, unfortunately', has

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which was very large, and which moved with every movement

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knowledge as to the condition of the diseased parts, we

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tempted; no progress wiismade, however, and, fearing tliat the

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sound heard at a higher point, due to the blood passing over the

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