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and thoroughly wash out any lacerations of the soft tissues with
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another to phlegmonous pharyngitis. Two followed diph
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regular presence of this sign in all cases of meningi
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To those acquainted with conditions in the South the work
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in the female sex. It does not affect the general health
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D. Gross Prize of the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery.
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etc. We can now see that these few offtimes were not and
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The Review is beginning to feel satisfied with its efforts
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improving under the effects of the X rays. Many cases of
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has until recently been surgically an almost unknown land.
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the effects of the inoculation of glanderous products in the per
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form. When I get through I throw the soiled rope away. I
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a 4 cocaine solution. The paraffin is melted and drawn
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The following committees were appointed by Dr. Lees
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precautions or before the patient was screened pvrethrum
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wadding. The skin seems to absorb the remedy quickly.
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ity is noted in funnel breast hallux valgus and dwarfism.
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pepsin with hyperacidity and pyloric stenosis in gastric
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Ethan Allen Messenger on dam s side all of which an
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disease. Nevertheless It has proved of benefit in a cer
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and the anus and the high form above the sphincters
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in which a dead child was extracted but the mother was
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the pay of a government inspector is exactly tallied and known.
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and remain sure. No the operator must be a physician and
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as much or as little as they choose. Large racks are kept filled
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Boothby s 1235 Chestnut Street Philadelphia on the evening
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tory tract. 2 That if no tubercle bacilli are found one
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a peddler of patent medicine and during this time he has
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of congestion to a marked degree and is best when the
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the blood. In general his views are in accord with those
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After dinner the tables were removed and the business
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think very properly that the limitations of symphysiotomy
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the brilliant band of workers led by Osier of Balti
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that a teaspoonful of this combination be taken before each
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carcinoma although some statistics indicate that it is al
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plete retention of urine. This lasted 4 days yet his general
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believes that syncytioma is the most correct term de
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many instances to treat the peculiar whims of the owner of an
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ing in consideration the condition of the abdominal lesions
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ful attention. His observations have been based on an ex
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Dear Sirs I note with much interest in last issue of the
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pristine and almost autocratic power in most of our
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department in memory of his daughter Gwendoline who died
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tients with acute appendicitis in whom the number of leu
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diplomas should be given better opportunity for earning
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Jugular ligation is clearly demanded as one of the first

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