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difficulty of swallowing is complained of, or perhaps a foetid discharge
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of the dieu and the ventral surface of the overhanging proen as the relmn {inferposiium). For the most part the pia itself is covered by the arachnoidea,
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sible that the true explanation of these cases was that they
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the measurement between any point of the crista ilii and
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was 120. Having just read Dr. Thomas's paper, he became
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has overlooked the true cause, and it is therefore usu.illy
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of mechanical therapeutics as applied to hip disease is no
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this canal, bj' all of which she is exposed to inoculation of
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use of bichloride in the treatment of diphtheria — three cases,
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to the distances which may be reckoned from the occasional
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up a great share of its space. When two such good journals as
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their worth must be estimated in proportion to the experience
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when quiet does not suffer much from her foot. During and
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right hand, involving the ring and middle fingers, very soon
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tion. In late years ho never used a sponge, not even dur-
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ment of joint disease, no treatise on orthopiedic surgery can
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such, nor to medical students who have already matriculated in any
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definiteness is indispensable to an intelligible discussion of
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may, indeed, differ in different animals or in different parts
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closed between the nieten and the overhanging cerebellum constitutes
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most remarkable differences of opinion between those who were well
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a thoroughly nutritious and readily assimilable dietary, and,
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United States Army, from February 2Jf, I884, to March 1,
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The Gahfibld Memorial Uospital. — It is announced that a
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eyes with mixed astigmatism the refraction in the principal
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and progressive troubles in the lumbar columns, and disseminated
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little disease of any kind. In some cases of inflammation

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