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ber of corpuscles using a 0.9 per cent salt solution in

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renal disease. The deficiency of action in her case seems

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in sterilized water gives a liquid which inoculated in several

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publication of the Boston Medical and Surgical Jour

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who shows the slightest symptoms of perforation should be

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the West needs Ramacciotti for he is one of the self sacrific

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men who first worked on distemper Ligni6res and Physalix

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the question To resume fecundated females only attach

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living in such houses or in any way take a backward step

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while the relief of the trismus follows in a few hours after the

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Tuesday 28th found her still weak and trembling but do

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None the less important is the splendid tribute from the

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It was thought to have been due to intoxication from the

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some claim curative agents. One kind of bit may be comfort

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have contracted to do the same work at Chicago Brooklyn Boston Col

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versity one of whom shall be appointed for the term of one

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floor of the single stalls being covered with removable plank

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cular attention to the mildness of the epidemic the absence

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tril one of which had a distinct pedicle looking like a pap

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buggy shaft had passed clear through the right hind quarter it

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Plague in San Francisco. Another fatal case of bubonic

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who made thorough investigations December 18 last at

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pulmonary phenomena delirium prostration and adenitis

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This was a three legged colt. The one leg terminated at the

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injection of toxin the latter shows no antitoxin after

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Measles at Annapolis. It has been reported that a num

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violent uterine cramps headache nausea and a general

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internally except that the patient is free from the objec

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Transmission of Bovine Tuberculosis to Man by Acci

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that sepsis following osteomyelitis was exceptionally rapid

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tainty when the tumor has penetrated the wall of a blood

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puncture and about one half of the other side was removed as

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provided for in this act shall be conducted under rules and reg

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the nature of tissue that has apparently lost all its struc

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causing agglutination and sedimentation of the lat

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extremity of the ecto sylvian circumvolution. Not adherent to

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body. Before we reached it it was lying down and did not

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creatic and intestinal fistulse. He observed that when the

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come before a successful campaign can be conducted against

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