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Tuberculosis," by H. F. Formad. Read before this society, October 18,

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THE Venous System. — Dr. .John Gray, F. R. C. S. (" Lancet,"

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but, in the majority of cases, it will be safe to wait untO

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and it accepts any promises with docility and in full ftiith.

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Dr. Webster read additional reports of cases, and others

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sensory apparatus; that is to say. that the victims of hallucina-

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Continuous Ccelian Alinjection. — The repeated injection

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19th. — He fell down in a faint-like condition while crossing the

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sumption. Non-residents : Of nine secretaries, three were threat-

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various parts of the body. He related cases that be had met

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A. One segment protrudes above another so that both are included in the tran-

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thigh in nine seconds ; and this wonderful rapidity of

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when fed, and existed in a state of hypochondriacal melan-

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transformation, either of maltose or of saccharose. Rarely, traces of

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question of ventilation must resolve itself into an inquiry

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calculi of the rice-eating natives. But it is not starch as

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as we are aware, the matter has not cotiie before the courts.

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weight had increased one and one fourth kilogr. Six weeks

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of the positions assumed. Where the menopause was retarded

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nurse. After a little time the nurse returned with the child,

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thought to be defective in not precisely defining the minimum

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Practical Pathology. A Manual for Students and Practitioners.

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existed probably for years, remained perfectly latent for so long

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candidate, and shall thereupon become and forever after be a part of

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then to have become quite tolerant of the foreign body, but to

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blasts the garden flowers and grasses, and causes fruits to

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velopment of a partial, circumscribed, serous choroiditis in the

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