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Its authoritative tone, its earnestness and sincerity, its

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shall at once organize by the election of a president and secretary, and

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H The Washington County Society presented a resolution op-

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tion. In late years ho never used a sponge, not even dur-

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as should have been done, places his fat amount too low, as only

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sought. In a word, the sphere of this disease is more especially

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blood-vessel walls. Tubercles do not occur in avascular tissues.

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syphilis occurring six months after the appearance of a

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of choked disc is no proof that the patient is not suffering from

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used, was removed, and immediately there spurted np two

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years old, presented a somewhat anaemic, otherwise well-nour-

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At three o'clock a. m., December 2, 1883, I was called to

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The New York Skin and Cancer Hospital. — We learn

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paper, or the strings or fringes of that paper, are covered

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ening BO as to reduce the cavity of a segment or modify its form. E, the

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calf on the fiftii day after its inoculation. At that period the

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was abandoned as impracticable. In that case the wound did

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and the temperature suddenly rose to 10.5-2°. A bichloride

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subscriptions for it, and that we know nothing about him except

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culosis. Cancer is proved to be a local disease. It is not con-

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ures were incised, the incisions in the cardiac structure,

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the dotted line should coincide with the general outline, as shown in Fig. 3

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sarily find themselves handicapped from the start is what this

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they appeared scmiewhat more numerous and larger in the cor-

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require the physician to attend intelligently and faithfully

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perience. If I have aroused attention to the danger which

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the Chambers Street Hospital. It was one in which the patient

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