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tlie vi>ion hiid been lost, or nearly so, for a lonj; time, the visual

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post-mortem examination in eighty-one cases of scarlatina.

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one inch behind the bullet wound in the soft parts. A probe,

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observation of an ordinary friend or relative, is in truth well. He

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seized by sudden loss of power in the right hand and fingers,

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of the abdomen and bulging out its walls laterally and anteriorly. On

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known throughout the land. Dr. Francis has happily and

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4. Strictures situated in the region of the neck, which

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and without giving rise to any peculiar symptoms. At the be-

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the winter in the south of France. He did some writing,

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in Brooklyn. The superintendent of the Society for the Prevention of

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Dr. Gersfer had described, because any septic influence which

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The second formula is the pleasantest way of prescribing

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bad ; the nose was about the same, but externally there was

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rich in fat as that of the Jersey, and in casein as the Durham,

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tation, and nature thus is given time and opportunity to heal

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4. If it has been proved tliat, collectively, casein and sugar

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on August 18, 1883. By J. Wickham Legg, Fellow of the Col-

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The work as it now stands is beyond peradventure destined

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M. Barth concludes as follows : " These positions, to be sure, are

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where the patient was unconscious of the previous existence of

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followed by speedy recovery. Very little new formation of

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there are certain points of difference in the two diseases.

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tent in the process. Instances in w-hich the muscular and

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transmitted into the aortic region toward the right ; at the local-

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Italian, aged thirty-one, was admitted to the surgical division of

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out the purposes in view than the one proposed was. It was

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the side of the public interest? Does it appeal to the pub-

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