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noxious if access of a ferment or a contagium from without

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prove, the patient was advised to start for Switzerland at once.

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cerebral syphilis, or may come on during an attack which has

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the splint. As the path of motion permitted by the joint

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H.EM0RRHAGE INTO THE PoNs. — Dr. Ferguson also related

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withstand a free supply of it, but are soon robbed of their

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ient and is departed from, but the wisdom of the general

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the tip of a small spoon, made for the purpose, into the nostril, press-

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apparent and indirect rather than real and direct. Massage had

prescription erectile dysfunction drugs devices

have a form of aphasia, yet at intervals he may be endowed

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and Assistant Surgeons. Assigned to duty in Department of

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for several months. This patient was subjected to the same

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the price at which it nmst be sold. The retail price in Paris

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pelled to leave the faculty of the University of Vienna and re-

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the same page, seventh line of the paragraph headed " Lateral

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and. women, as a consequence, got very stout; such women were

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cyst universally adherent. The fatal case at his private hospital

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after the operation. Still the soft parts, by the process of cica-

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Case 11. — A man, over sixty j'ears of age, whose wife said he liad

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ciency of other branches of the sanitary service, or to detract

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attention from the speakers who will follow me. I will,

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vision almost 12-8. Both eyes bear convex 1-60, but not a higher

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In puerperal fever, as met with in private practice, we

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might be required was quite possible, and even probable, in some

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lead in the treatment of er3'sipelas, Mr. J. H. G. Drummond, of Man-

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These irregularities of distribution are not satisfactorily

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correctly stated that " the third ventricle is roofed over by

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dog died of scarlatina maligna. Subsequently the house was

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