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The time was, and the fiction has not wholh' faded from

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the course of its ruling member. They threatened, more or les-*

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the supposed retentive action of the reflcxly contracting

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By E. Michener, M. D., J. H. Stubbs, M, D., B. Thompson, M. D.,

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The conversion of the " medullary groove " into the " me-

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president, and Dr. James L. Minor secretary and treasurer.

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years, who, about four days before I was called, had been caring

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without there being a material change in the living matter of

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Phillips, John C, First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.

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least throe respects: 1. In reducing primary hajiuorrhage to the

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A few cases of mcreurialization have occurred in women

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ment, during which, by means of active and passive move-

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disease, and all cachexiie by which the nutrition of the general

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and finger of each hand over these coaptation bands, forces

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soft to the probe, and microscopically presented a spongy

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Egan, p. R., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. Upon

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We have before taken occasion to remark upon the excellent

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of Bellevue Hospital, in February, 1869, and the work in

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of cheesy hepatization sometimes following croupous pneu-

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for periods ranging from one to twelve years, in work and

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the knife may possibly be directed against some part of

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forearm near the elbow joint, and especially very near the in-

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from any credit that the nation may be disposed to award

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that under certain circumstances a new society will be formed.

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resilient force. A still greater augmentation of comfort on

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tion, he too fell as hard and almost precisely in the same

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author would say, will better describe the true status of the

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tissue, will necessarily be produced, which, being in very

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