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called attention to the prevalence of the disease in Prague,

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was the seat of hydronephrosis, the kidney tissue proper having

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edge of the brains of Petromyzon, Ceratodus, Protopterus,

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for several days before he learned of the fact. In two or three

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professing to be poor, were amply able to pay for professional

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Ventricles. — Dr. L. Emmett Holt presented a specimen illus-

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presumption seemed to me to be in favor of pregnancy. One fact

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same, I believe, is tlie experience of Dr. Skene. I have had

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intermediate portion, and the lateral portions are higher

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mation of pes valgus later on is avoided with more certainty.

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direct infection by doctors or nurses from neglect or care-

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living animal, either by means of a simple trocar or a trocar

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four and proptosis existed in a great degree in one, was ab-

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There were also hypertrophy of the left ventricle, a decided

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larial Fevers. By J. P. Dake, M. D., Nashville, Tenn. [Reprint

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years. So this hiay be an ovarian tumor, or it may bo a

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eration of one ovary; in all women who had passed the climac-

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powers. His death was an interruption. It came to him

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ently as to structure, appearance, distribution, and termination,

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("L'Enc6phale," Jan., Feb., 1884) gives the history of a case

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division of society into grades and castes prevents too fierce a

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day that Dr. Garrish's [read Garrigues's] remarkable success

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just as a wound which gave rise to septic infection would be

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Case IV. — A man, aged fifty-four, who had been in excellent

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for the scientific investigation of the causes of diseases and of

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have already suggested themselves to me, and whoever uses

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action, while, on the contrary, that obtained from human milk

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