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position of the leg made. 1 have never tried the incision

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abled us to obtain pictures of delicate embryos and brains which could

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time, the necessary appeals to the public and to the Legis-

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only permitted to testify as to the facts already proved by

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We must be prepared for all sorts of complications. If there is any

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came into notice. While abroad I saw a preparation of

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stricture had contracted to 27. To-day, using instrument with

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ductor muscles. He was unable to fiud any lobulation, such as

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Pbenioious Malarial Fever. — Dr. G. L. Peabodt presented

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complete cessation of itching. He believed that, when the

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following propositions, the first and second indicating the prevalent

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specimen, which was removed from the body of a woman who

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ceived a kick upon the right knee, the injury being rapidly fol-

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be stated as follows : Applying the drug as a powder or p.iste,

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building containing it was burned, involving the destruction

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month, on account of the necessity of employing the regular

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of pneumonia. Two days after the chill the mania developed,

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mains commonly a local affection, it is seen on the autopsy-table

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tary. The new organization includes among its members sev-

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ViTREons. — Hirschberg (" Centralblatt fur prakt. Augenheil-

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necessity, simpler than those of man. The general ques-

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closed by sutures, two drainage-tubes were inserted, and anti-

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had not examined the specimen to know whether the disease

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Pneumonia with Gastro - intestinal Disturbance. — Dr.

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buckshot. Her general health is very good, and she has been able to

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Afterward (1827) the powers and duties of medical so-

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stipation, and the discharge of gas per annm, together with a well-

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due the prolapse of the entire vitreous and detachment of the

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does not entertain this opinion, for one of the most satisfactory

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eral practitioners are ranch more apt to see them first, and

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its component layers. Systematic writers describe a num-

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