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had been obliged to come home from school the day before be-

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alinjection, alinjcct, alinjccted, etc., as a single word equivalent to alco-

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cidedly over-estimated, and has not nearly the significance for

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pital, he saw many similar cases of stricture, and this was only

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Addendum. — The extemporaneous character of this paper

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theme which should not at the very commencement of these

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and circumstances. His first care, therefore, should be to

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2. The continuation of the Canalis centralis into tlio

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tion upon the bone. In two, small particles of bone came

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compression they modified the cii-culatory changes and limited

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dorsimeson <if the callosum is approximately straight, so that

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whose livelihood is a legitimate product of their worthy

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of the various diseases of the heart. Here it is stated distinctly

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the veterinarians, and how much of our best contemporary

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tena ? That would seem to be a very natural conclusion from

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declared in many of the States that the pharmacopoeia shall be

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The author cites many cases in which he has personally ob-

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tion. The sliortening in this case is one inch and three quarters.

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author would say, will better describe the true status of the

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of opinion, the law not only seems likely to cause injustice, but

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It seems to us that the Paris journal's criticism strikes to

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to vary his method of cure, with the hope of benefit to his

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time as he has done. This is hardly fair. I strove to fol-

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of full anajsthesia, but a quantity suflicient to prevent the pa-

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and on the day of admis.sion he had been found wandering about

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side it inclosed two sacs, non-communicating and filled with pus,

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painful digestion, and intolerance of food. Weight, 44 kilogr.

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selected as conventional and least objectionable, and prob-

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