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miscarriage, and this plan of treatment was carried out each

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have reason to feel well satisfied with the results.

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the patient on her side or in the knee-chest position, and,

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the greater part of the visual field of the right eye — that is, its

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sults that he regards as most satisfactory, although " some of the cases

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of the foetus was, in his opinion, by this means much diminished.

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solidified by the admixture with it of some form of a plastic

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sumed work. Augnst 5th he weighed 59 kilogr. ; obliged to

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operating for hsemorrhoids, he hsd given ether, which the pa-

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From Agnew ** I quote as follows : " In the first, or mem-

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his own plan of removing the greater jnirt of the thickness of

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upper jaw was sawn through longitudinally above the al-

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ors passed another by-law allowing only fifteen medical visit-

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the report of said committee is reached. Seconded by Dr.

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and wherever in private life distress has been found, the

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well that this method of treatment is to be judged entirely

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zygoma, which was comparatively unimportant. So far as he

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that, if legislation is to be called upon to interfere, some less radi-

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Henry Thompson had spoken very favorably of it. Dr. Wyeth

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side of the Atlantic, that we Americans feel such a keen in-

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forward, the extremity apparently resting on the diaphragm. The

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account for the fact that his hatter had been compelled to alter

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which he appears, even though he may feel himself pro-

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tated and ansemic — began to drink the water, and were gen-

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action of a spring, to cut through them or to set up a sufficient

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arthropathies will not enable the most acute observer to dis-

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cept from the casualties of labor, such as rupture of the

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contagiousness of phthisis, as held by a small part of the pro-

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Chapter IV contains the histology and the morbid anatomy

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