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complete right hemiplegia and entire loss of the power of speech.
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imaginary, or due to a misconception ou the part of the artist ; the
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not consider a mere elevation of temperature of itself to in-
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ing around the knee joint. The anterior surface of the thigh
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Infeotiocs Diseases in New York. — We are indebted to
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of the operation, from septicemia and purulent cysts. 2. That
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the cardiac end of the stomach was found nearly surrounded by
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According to Ehrendorfer's experience, an interval of two
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tum imparted to it by movements of the eye or head ; if, how-
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not avoided, a large mass of granulation, hence cicatricial
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change in the chorio-capillaris. Nothing was found to account
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these Catholic orders have a number of bimdsome buildings,
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DrLATATioN OF THE Stomaoh. — Dr. J. C. Peters was now
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time there was paralysis of one side, with inability to articulate
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the handle of the same forming a perpendicular to the ar-
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the salt. The amount taken daily may vary from 2 to 10 centigrammes.
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To Neuber, of Kiel, belongs the honor of having first
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cavity so formed is completely surrounded, and that the
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escort representing the medical and other corps of the navy.
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though ligamentous, being generally very short. It seemed to
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Antiseptic Occltjsive Dressings in OpnTiiAi.Mio Strgert.
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or absolutely suppressed, it has a low specific gravity and
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two after it. Should the patient be unable to digest other
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Woman's Work in the Field of Medicine. College of Mid-
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crowded together that their configuration is altered and they
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by which the poison may be conveyed to the patient. In
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consequences of the physician's negligence, he is entitled
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the urine, without other signs or symptoms, he did not regard
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Solution of continuity iu the genital tract of the partu-

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