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the mouth, but, the result being an apparently firm solidification of the

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seems to bear the same relation to true diphtheria that epidemic amyg-

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New York delegation informs us that he has made arrangements

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that the canine disorder, as I well knew, had the precedence

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is so prominent in the early stages of development (Fig. 1),

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present have seen in the Museum de I'Hotel de Cluny, said to

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named, the scope of the present course and the lack of time

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There are few medical books which show in their arrange-

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was situated to the distal side of the middle of the viscus.

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and was somewhat astonished when she produced a package

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hand, in a case of stricture of very small caliber, Maison-

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devoted myself to my profession, determining to succeed, if

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and they do not often have, or congeuitally entail, the graver

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sion; if the string be kept in the same plane, it will cross'

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Andr6 (Bicetre). Treated by Dr. Debove ; had had profuse

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culture to investigate the origin of the outbreak reported to

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antly, with a mortality from sepsis of O'SO per cent., and this

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exposing the parts; particles of infecting material maybe

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11. What can be said of condensed milk as a diet for in-

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It is unnecessary to state that after every operation — forceps,

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happen without carelessness on the part of the operator,

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which are liable to arise in puerperal women as a conse-

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but was unable to write all letters. It was therefore a case of

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ism. Hyrtl complains (p. 62) that "some people hold the

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mind by the paper of the evening. Although the author had

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Wile, Dr. W. R. D. Blackwood, Dr. Henry Leffmann, and Dr. Deering

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If there is any institution in New York in which every

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Iritis; Synechia Posterior; Absorption of the Lena; Perfect-

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and after confinement, and so have accommodative asthenopia

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