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jection of the amphibian brain as a whole are when the

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sympathies to be enlisted either for or against the prisoner

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fication of the functions of the higher centers ensues. The

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had been closed with silver-wire sutures, and he (Dr. Hutchi-

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pheric conditions favorable to the ripening of the specific germ. The

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monly so described as to imply that the rima and the plexus

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were drawn off, amounting, in all, to 1,203^5^^ pounds. Only

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tion of the joint, for with human hands it is impossible to

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of the ulvar nerve, which could bo mapped out perfectly by the

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or the whole of the oesophagus, or may also extend to the

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result, and an unfolding promise of reward to all who may

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ber has the monopoly. The restraints to destructive com-

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the fauces of a scarlatinal patient was evidence of the presence

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is due to non-interference with the traumatic utero-vaginal

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lyzes the Registrar-General's mortality statistics covering

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Trusting that you will permit me to defer further dis-

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margin of the former is the furrow just mentioned; its me-

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Brazil, and has been lost sight of. As he took the book with

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most satisfactory results. M. Wurz, in a report to the Paris Academy

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proportions of CJisein and sugar, when cows' milk exhibits snch

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seem, was doubtless chimerical. The legislation now proposed

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of life," and his success amounted to about sixty-five per cent.,

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nor am I acquainted with any clinical or pathological evi-

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the same type or form of approach of the convulsion is there-

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of view. The ascending and descending portions of the colon

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dorfer, * of Spaeth's clinic. He recommends iodoform pen-

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OP THE Limb in FRACirEES of the Neck of the Fbmue. — Dr.

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heart by removing the inhibition exercised b}' the pneuino-

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Tbe fracture was found to be firmly united without deformi-

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mild or medium cases was about twenty-four days. Of the

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scrofulous manifestations healed in one part of the body and

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of deaths, as is the case after serious surgical operations (to

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