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the testes of three difierent patients which he had recently re-
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A. Churchill, A. M. Campbell, W. S. Cooper, J. R. Cotes, J. E.
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then answered, although it was afterward pretty fully responded
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ovum by the organism of the mother, or in tifero by the sper-
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or less turbid, the mental faculties were impaired, and there
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The following letter in blank was prepared by the medical
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refresh or assist his memory, even in the witness-box.
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The fact that cerebral syphilis may occur many years after the
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it. She returned to her city residence at the end of the season,
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there finally any power of extension whatever; that was a case
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these children, being orphans, we might expect more or less
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the autopsy revealed unquestionably specific brain lesions, may
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and the most excellent systematic works on obstetrics I have
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requirements that is certainly to be commended, embracing a
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which embody a more profound principle than appears at first
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persons of certain occupations, such as stone-cutters, miners,
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nerve, right hemiplegia without loss of sensibility, and sensory
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this position, the child motionless, the respiration regular,
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excepting at the caudal end of the metacele (" fourth ven-
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the vessels, until the contrary had been proved recently.
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the American Practice in Matters relating to Hygiene, prepared
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deed brilliant. He has ligated the carotid many times for
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which he was treated in Paris. When the soft parts were re-
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lile time. The same treatment was applied to the hand, without effect,
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and tension in the left eye. By the time I saw her there were
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the chlorides and sodium salts ; and the acidity or alkalinity of
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gave a remarkably negative history. There were hypertrophy
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vaginal injections three times a day or oftener if the lochial

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