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from the anterior aspect of the lower end of the right kidney.

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The Lesser Degrees of Chronic Pelvic Inflammation in

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to make at least an effort to walk. After considerable urging,

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experienced, aside from the existence of strictures or organic

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Following upon sensation there are two other psychical states,

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bility to the action of nitro-glycerin varies greatly, and hence

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had been used by an undertaker on the body of a person dead

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of the Cattle Commission of the Treasury Department, it is

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The eetimatcs of Haidlcn, L'Hfiiitler, Doyfire. and Ckmni arc taken from a

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time to avoid the appearance of self-advertisement, and there-

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into Douglas's pouch. On the third day he noticed that the

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the woman recently delivered may not suffer from cellulitis

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as a folding of the entire thickness of the medicornual wall ; the com-

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and, as statistics prove, is not more dangerous than any one

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decided swelling in the right lower quarter, almost filling that

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weight with me ; I confess that I feel less firm in my con-

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Dr. A. Jaoobi thought it would be justifiable to introduce

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and, unless provocative of some disturbance, could scarcely

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noticed, while using instruments having widely separated,

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dren, and so ho began with me at a very early age. He

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ordinary resection of the knee the posterior ligament is un-

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fice on each side. Continuing his operations, however, he

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out their entire length ; an upward sweep of the shanks

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