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selves into new parasitic elements. Berlin Thierarztliche

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Since I introduced the operation and have shown it to be so

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hypermetropia and astigmatism of small amount. The left

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preferences. In dealing with students a little dogmatism

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ture below the normal therefore absolutely little abstrac

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corrected abduction. This abduction is carried beyond

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covery of the moons of Jupiter the investigations of Coper

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The narcotic effect of the 2 drugs are superposed while

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vance detailed divulgations and with all that speak of the su

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The Committee on Legislation reported that during the past

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femur is transposed forward while the limb is placed in

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boiling is continued. A pearly cloud forms when the drop

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its direct solvent effect through its alkalinity antf

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care is not observed in this process a traumatic desquama

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out of 32 experiments was there any evidence of the pro

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liamperes more or less applied for 60 minutes most effec

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ity of the heart in the production of symptoms and is

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vious rectal examination having proven the rectum empty

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tion the first injection being 500 cc. and the second

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extent would anthrax spread and what would be its ravages

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minutes or half an hour before retiring and apply over the

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On the Treatment of Diabetes IVIellitus in Children.

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treatment. Remember that a mixture of manliness good humor

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less. The author is convinced that stenosis of the larynx

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than this. In short there are no absolute indications at

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ters for special motor activities and acquisitions in

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on aspiration. In 5 patients there was chronic or sub

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the local morbid processes of the intestines ulcers which en

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With the possible exception of ergot the so called remedies

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found that nearly all of the vaccinated animals had more resis

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