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producing or favoring the development of puerperal infec-

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no swelling or abscess that might have escaped the eye. The

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tice in or near the place where the death happened.

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in this respect, the general use of the microscope is hardly prac-

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of the disease seemed to be mitigated and slightly abridged by the

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is influenced by a geographical distribution, being limited

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then answered, although it was afterward pretty fully responded

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the rational or expectant treatment on the one hand, and to all

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tion over the region of the tumor, as usual with large sarco-

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lings abroad, as well as at home, he is known as something

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guarantee of the safety and reliability of this method of an-

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great and so obvious that the rarity of such preparations is

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dilated, and is much larger than in any other portion ; and

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1, 1, dura mater passing down to end on the sheath of the nerves; 2, 2, layers

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jects of the typical forms of mental disease — Dr. Hamilton has

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sis of a small portion of the external aspect of the femur; m

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namely : laceration of the fibrous tissues, and distension of the

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becomes hot and dry and very painful, and uterine action

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tubercles at all. They are simply miliary broncho-pneumnnic

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theria, and yet which we can hardly atfirm is the genuine affection.

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before the meeting, on motion of Dr. H. G. Piffakd, the fur-

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cavity closed in consequence. A chill took place, and the tem-

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Paris, adding that the students of the present day are not much

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tinuous pressure between the enlarged gland and the sac of

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importance was that in which the riglit lobe was much larger

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a. Unsegmented. Exs. : Plaster - of - Paris, gutta-

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except at intervals of three or four hours, when the diarrhoea had

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